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Rule the Roost: Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

The popularity of backyard hen houses is growing, due in large part to a desire shared by many to reduce their reliance on eggs produced inhumanely on large commercial farms.  This was a big factor for me in deciding to have my own hens, but it cannot be denied that there are many other benefits to raising your own chickens. 

The Bachelor Next Door

Ultimately, we are head over heels for our home and offices, so I guess you could say that the contestants are not the only ones who have found love on the set of The Bachelor!

High Point Highlight: “But I’m gonna need to sit on that sofa”

I have the most experienced tushie out there. I’ve sat on high end couches, low end barstools and everything in between and I have retained all that information. I am an absolute connoisseur of sitting. 

"Update or Preserve? Yes!"

This month I’m faced with a conundrum that is a common one for the lucky designers working on great historical properties.

Reimagining Kanan

So it’s with a serious attitude of gratitude that we’ll be taking the time to pause in-between the steps to understand what makes a detail extraordinary and to celebrate the artisan’s contributions as we put Kanan back together. 
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