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Reimagining Kanan - SHOP by Interior Archaeology

Reimagining Kanan

Custom Moroccan Tile - Interior Design

Custom Moroccan Zellij Mosaic Featured in the New Pool

2020 finds me up to my elbows in what I am calling the “unsolicited” remodel of our home and design studio on Kanan Dume Road. Located in the Santa Monica Mountains, next door to the location where ABC’s The Bachelor is filmed, it sustained severe damage in the Woolsey Fire back in November of 2018.

What most people don’t realize is just how long it takes to dig out from such a disaster, in some ways starting from scratch can be easier. Now that the destroyed bits have been hauled away and the insurance back-and-forth has been satisfied, it’s time to finally dig in and get this show on the road. Everyone says “How fun!” “You must be enjoying re-doing your own home.” The truth is, I had just finished this project when the fire raced through, so it took me a minute to find the excitement. For most designers, myself included, I imagine that recreating a project exactly as it had been before (even if I did really like it)... is no fun. Where’s the creativity in tracing? To get excited about something I think we all need that sense of authorship that comes with mapping out a new destination. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until the house was utterly emptied and stripped down to the studs, that I was released from the feeling that I owed fealty to the way things were and allowed myself to embrace reimagining how much greater they could be.

La Cornue’s Le Château 60” Range in Greige with Brushed Brass Accents

La Cornue’s Le Château 60” Range in Greige with Brushed Brass Accents

Fumed & Wire Brushed Wide Oak Floorboards by Perfec Floors

Fumed & Wire Brushed Wide Oak Floorboards by Perfec Floors

Glazed Moroccan Tile, Terrazzo & Italian Marble Slabs Featured in the New Kitchen Design

Glazed Moroccan Tile, Terrazzo & Italian Marble Slabs Featured in the New Kitchen Design

Once my design team and I realized the freedom we actually had, our self-imposed mandate was to improve function wherever we could (make it work even better) and set it against design choices that create that sweet tension between the comfortable and the compelling (make it even yummier!).

My other aim as I reimagine things around here is to focus on materials that I believe in and artisans whose work I admire. So I’m delighted to announce that we’ll be featuring La Cornue, SubZero, Perfec Floors, Walker Zanger, Waterworks, and Zellij Gallery, to name just a few, with the finest artisans and specialty trades to put it all together.  As our list of gorgeous products and all-star vendors grows, I’m also being mindful to not race to the finish line but take time to highlight the exceptional details and share the process with our friends and followers.

This project is not about just getting it done, there is so much to be grateful for after this disaster. So it’s with a serious attitude of gratitude that we’ll be taking the time to pause in-between the steps to understand what makes a detail extraordinary and to celebrate the artisan’s contributions as we put Kanan back together. And, for this I can admit to being terribly excited! I hope you’ll follow our progress on Instagram @interiorarchaeology and look for key design events that we’ll be hosting with our special vendors and collaborators when the project is completed later this year.

New kitchen, La Cornue’s La Chateau range, terrazzo slabs Italian marble, Moroccan Zellij tile

The new kitchen design features La Cornue’s La Chateau 60” range, terrazzo slabs paired with dynamic Italian marble, Moroccan Zellij tile, and my favorite shade of green!

Here’s to Creating Noble Spaces along all of our journeys!  ~ XO

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