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Cabinetry 101

The first time I found myself contemplating kitchen cabinetry choices I was utterly lost! I was still in my twent...

Invest in Individuality

There are two events at the beginning of the year which I find indispensable as an interior designer: High Point Mar...

7 Home Staging Tips to Help your Home Sell

Real estate tycoon and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran stated in a recent interview “ Home staging used t...

Pulling Off a Really Big Event ... At Home

Nothing presses the spaces that we create into service more than a big gathering. Most of us will at some point or ...

Conversation about Color

Tammy & Gillian C. Rose, Designer and Color Scientist Our motto here at Interior Archaeology is “Creating Nobl...

The Open Floor Plan

How to Create Finished Décor that is Unified, Serene and Interesting Home buyers love the open floor plan for the c...

High Point Highlight: “But I’m gonna need to sit on that sofa”

I have the most experienced tushie out there. I’ve sat on high end couches, low end barstools and everything in between and I have retained all that information. I am an absolute connoisseur of sitting. 

"Update or Preserve? Yes!"

This month I’m faced with a conundrum that is a common one for the lucky designers working on great historical properties.

Reimagining Kanan

So it’s with a serious attitude of gratitude that we’ll be taking the time to pause in-between the steps to understand what makes a detail extraordinary and to celebrate the artisan’s contributions as we put Kanan back together. 
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