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High Point Highlight: “But I’m gonna need to sit on that sofa” - SHOP by Interior Archaeology

High Point Highlight: “But I’m gonna need to sit on that sofa”

Jonas - Fine Upholsterers to the Trade

A sea of exquisitely constructed upholstery ready for final covering at Jonas - Fine Upholsterers to the Trade

A Brief, Passionate Note from Your Designer After Her Recent Highly Productive Visits to High Point and LCDQ’s Legends Event:

Are you familiar with the concept of “ruining” something for yourself that you enjoy by doing it as a profession? Filmmakers can’t enjoy movies like you or I would, Graphic Designers can’t look at art with an objective eye, Architects can’t ignore an ugly building like the rest of us can...I cannot ignore any facet of interior design. This has a lot of benefits for my clients, but I want to highlight for you one of the areas where you can take total advantage of my inability to not absorb all aspects of the design around me at all times, which I am absolutely shocked is not the number one reason I’m hired.

 Ryder Sofa by Ray Booth

Ryder Sofa by Ray Booth

One of my favorite sofas this Market is the Ryder Sofa by Ray Booth for Hickory Chair. It is effortlessly cool and to-die-for comfortable with simple box cushions and a low back that create a modern line in any room. A walnut base and tapered legs make it a stand out that plays well with just about any style.

I have the most experienced tushie out there. I’ve sat on high end couches, low end barstools and everything in between and I have retained all that information. I am an absolute connoisseur of sitting. I am just better at it than you are! Trust me. I know what’s going on inside of the best and worst seating in the industry and I can tell them apart. I have a backlog of decades of visits to High Point furniture market (among many, many other markets and showrooms), and the impressions they’ve made on me (and I’ve made on them!). I have seen—and sat on—more chairs and sofas than you will ever have access to. These are bespoke pieces, custom pieces that you will never, ever have the opportunity to sit on yourself until it’s bought and paid for and in your living room.

Do you really think that the Pottery Barn sofa you can sit on in person can possibly compare?

I get it! It feels safe. You sat on it with your (I’m sorry to be so frank) inexperienced behind and it felt fine to you. But I want something more for you. Something that will sit better, longer, and with more unique aesthetic pizzazz than Pottery Barn can ever hope to achieve. If you don’t believe it...why did you hire me? This is one of the absolute greatest values in hiring a designer and I see clients walk away from it time and time again because of some sense of needing to “do due diligence” and see it themselves. already did it. You hired me. Rest on your untrained laurels and let the professionals take the reins.

hand tied spring

At Jonas (above and below) hand tied springs attached to kiln-dried maple frames forming the foundation for furniture that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

upholstered chair

Do you want to have the last sit in this argument? Let me know in the comments below!

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