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The Net - Fresh Emerald Grass

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Acrylic on Canvas

Limited Edition Signed & Framed Giclee: $2,000

Image: 24" x 30"
Finished Frame: 28" x 34"

The Nets: An exploration of the vast network of consciousness  
Years ago, after seeing the paintings of Agnes Martin at LACMA, I sat to meditate and had a powerful vision of the vast Network of Consciousness. Each of us holding our own unique location on the Net, our bodies and minds like a physical location on a map, for consciousness to drop into, expand and explore. 
For most of us it is only from our physical location that we can experience the world and it is why we can feel alone even when we are in relationship with others. However we are never alone. Our experiences, thoughts, and energy affect the whole of the Net. With tools we can explore other locations, yet we are always served best to know our location and come back to it and experience our lives through our present space. 
Each shape and color represents an individual on the Net, reminding us that there is no need to crave and feel lost because we are all connected, while also having a space to explore that is completely our own.
It is our unique location on the Net that gives us our very own valuable perspective - valuable for us and valuable to the the whole of the Net. Understanding the inherent nobility that each location holds as an individual and within the Network of Consciousness can be helpful for self-awareness and ultimately radical self-acceptance. When we experience ourselves as a unique location while also being deeply connected, there is growth, freedom and relief. We no longer look around craving guidance and comparing ourselves to others, instead we hold and learn, listen, and filter information through our own location and find comfort and expansion in knowing we are all connected to everything.
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