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The Birdie Blessing for Growth 1 -SOLD

Regular price $3,500.00

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Acrylic & Gouache on Paper
Limited Edition Signed & Framed Giclee: $1,500

Image: 22" x 30"
Finished Frame: 32" x 39.5"

The Birdie Blessing for Growth 1
Support and Guidance from nature and those who came before us is available in the Here and Now. The Birdie Blessings are connected to the angelic realm; they are part of the Bird Tribe of ancestors and sacred knowledge holders. They clear space and support healing in motion. The Birdie Blessings cheer on transformation and the release of old, chunky, sticky energy. They encourage us to replenish and keep growing, fresh and new. These Birdies assist all seasons of nature in our lives, helping to let go of what no longer serves us and welcoming in what belongs to us and is ready to grow.

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