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She Sat to Get Quiet

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Ink on Paper

$750 or $2,500 for Set of 4

Image Size: 8" x 8"
Finished Frame:15.5" x 15.5"

She sat to get quiet but was not alone.
She sat to be still but found herself home.
With Walip and Georgie and Chomper and Flip.
With Hermie and Jimjam and Klerp and Armond.
With Monty and Candy and Chunky and Frong, and Sticky and BooBoo and Figgles the Wong. 
She asked them to quiet and silenced the room.
She threatened to give up and get out her broom. 
But in her surrender she found space within, and saw the endless potential of friends.
She set out her rose and grounded and then…
they could all be themselves and she could be hers and enjoy the silly in stillness.
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