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Hunting Great Art

Orange painting

One of the most exciting stages of the design process for me is the hunt and acquisition of fine art. A great painting or sculpture can be the muse or catalyst that sets the vision for the design of a space into motion for me. I regularly troll the inventories of our favorite auction houses looking for the kinds of pieces that spark my creative juices and are also, in their own right, worthy finds that we know our clients will be thrilled to own (at often prices that are not only attainable but attractive investments). 

This past weekend we hit the jackpot, I'm still pinching myself, as we were able to obtain 6 amazing pieces by the late Bernard Chaet (1924-2012). The long-time Yale faculty member was a noted painter and draftsman who was instrumental in transforming Yale’s traditional art program into one with a more modernist approach that gained national prominence. In his own work, he melded landscape and abstraction in a traditional established by Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Edvard Munch, Piet Mondrian, and Fernard Hodler. His work is gorgeous and pushes the past into the present in spectacular form.

The next step will be designing the framing for these special pieces and then imagining the spaces that they will be composed absolute favorite part of the design process!

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